Easy To Stage with minimal technical requirements!

Easy To Stage with minimal technical requirements!

This Edmonton Magician of the Mind has many different types of programs available and tailors his show to make it a PERFECT FIT for your event’s specific setting. From a 10 minute “walk-on”, to a 90 minute stage show, Louis is able to present his MIND MAGIC in virtually ANY setting for ANY audience.

From a 5 Star Resort’s Main Ballroom, to a corporate boardroom, to a hall in a tiny hamlet, to a state-of-the-art theatre’s main stage, Louis Pezzani’s MIND MAGIC will make your event a successful, unique, world class and UNFORGETTABLE experience!

“Your show was fantastic. It was accessible, funny and very entertaining. Very impressive.”

– British Columbia Real Estate Association

MIND MAGIC is an astounding and very funny show, involving your guests in interactive demonstrations of the Impossible!

During Louis’ show, your audience is INTERACTIVELY involved in amazing and funny demonstrations of …

  • Mind Reading
  • Photographic Memory
  • Astounding Coincidence
  • Mind Over Matter
  • and More!


That sounds kind of scary… What exactly do you mean?

It’s not scary, just REALLY cool! During the show, people think of specific “targets”: like a city they have visited, a celebrity they admire, a drawing they can visualize, or a series of actions or tasks to perform – and using charm, humour and quite a lot of MIND MAGIC, Louis reveals each and every one of their thoughts!

MIND MAGIC will make your event stand far out from the rest of the pack – and it will long be remembered by everyone attending. You will get RAVE reviews for your choice of entertainment and your guests will thank you for providing them with an event unlike anything they have ever experienced.

Banquet Entertainment!

A lot of Louis’ shows are as the headline entertainer at banquets – large or small. Guaranteed crowd-pleasing, after-dinner entertainment!

MIND MAGIC is also the perfect choice for traditionally challenging audiences, composed of a variety of mixed ages and interests – or an audience of highly educated, sophisticated world travelers, who think they’ve seen it all.

They haven’t!

“You stunned this group of industry veterans with your astonishing demonstrations of mindreading and metal bending. Your humorous and interactive performance was highly entertaining and awe-inspiring. We had lots of great feedback from the group about the presentation. They found you to be extremely professional, pleasant, and easy to work with. I would strongly recommend your show to any organizations considering entertainment at their functions.”

–  Meeting Planners International (Greater Calgary Chapter)


MIND MAGIC will draw in a HUGE range of attendees and is perfect entertainment for ALL AGES. You will also find that the promise of a “Mindreader” and “Spoon Bender” will generate a lot of buzz and media attention!

And of course, that goes a long way in selling a LOT of tickets for your fundraiser!

“Great job ! We at the Social Club were amazed at the large turnout. We didn’t have enough seating nor food!”

– Cross Cancer Institute Social Club, Edmonton

“We look forward to working with you again in the future. It was fun and entertaining. The feedback from all of the events was excellent!”

– 3M Canada Company


Your guests don’t just watch Louis’ show – they
are PART of it – with LOTS of fun audience participation!